2.1 Female activists in Sudan

Sudanese women [1] revolution [1] Sudan [3]

In this episode, Sondos chats with her guest, Fatima, about the experiences of women in the cultural movements and political struggles of Sudan. They discuss the effect of the war on people and the role of activists and women in offering support throughout such experiences.

The content of this episode is based on the personal experience and reflections of the producer/presenter and not the team of Aswatona or Yasmin Kollektiv e.v. This episode was translated by Zainab Magdy and dubbed to English by Sabreen Taha and Aya Salah. Proofreading: Tatjana Sopart Audio editing and mixing: Feras Arrabi Mentoring of podcaster: Sabreen Taha Ma Biksirok https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opwL3OIdmMw Production Company :Nas Jota Records" Theme Music: Feras Arrabi on Guitar and women signing folkloric songs of the region www.ferasarrabi.com IG: @feras.arrabi


Sondos Ayoub
Sabreen Taha
Aya Salah
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