2.3 What will people say?

Social laws [1] Society [1] Customs [2] Traditions [2]

“What will people say?” Is there any girl who has never heard this sentence in her life? Some parents impose many restrictions on girls from a young age under the pretext of customs and traditions, which are really nothing but social laws that can be changed. Which makes us wonder why society is afraid of changing negative traditions? In this episode, we discuss Lina’s experience and the impact of customs and traditions on her life as well as the difference in social viewpoints from one person to another based on gender.

This episode is produced by Aya Salah, Bayan Arouri and Sarra Abdelrahman. This episode was translated by Zainab Magdy and dubbed to English by Julia Neumann, Esraa Saleh and Lukas Auer. Proofreading: Tatjana Sopart Audio editing and mixing: Feras Arrabi Mentoring of podcasters: Nahla Ashraf The content of this episode is based on the personal experience and reflections of the producer/presenter and not the team of Aswatona or Yasmin Kollektiv e.v.


Aya Salah
Bayan Arouri
Sarra Abdelrahman
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