Arabic language podcast that encourages people to live their best lives and be their own unique and original selves. Episodes are released on a monthly basis. Hosted by Khayra Bundakji and primarily aimed at women. Of Saudi origin - part of the Mstdfr network.

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Al Sa7a

Every week, Mahdi Suliman gets together with Omar Hussein and Khaled Alawadhi to break down the week in football - from match results and player performances to predictions of future matches and what will happen across the season. From European leagues to local Arab leagues and international games, this Arabic-language show is anything and everything football. A Finyal Media production.

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Adeek Shoft

Adeek Shoft is a podcast about showing people's stories from a different angle. Throughout Hashem El Garhy's journey of starting a comedy company in Egypt, he has met amazing individuals who each have their unique stories. Adeek Shoft sheds light on struggle, art, entrepreneurship and everything in between. An ARcast production.

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Arabic language podcast hosted by Lubna Al Khamis. She uses her own personal trauma to share motivation and empowering messages to her listeners and inspire them to fight their battles.

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1001 Nights

1,001 Nights is an Arabic fiction podcast that recounts the classic Arabian folk tales. The magical stories centre around the infamous characters of ruler Shahryar and his wife Shahrezade across 15 episodes. A Finyal Media production.

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