Climate Change and Poverty in Sudan

Africa [1] floods [1] Sudan [3] global warming [3] Climate change [4]

Climate change has severe consequences for the inhabitants of Africa, especially in Sudan. Climate change has caused floods in some regions of Sudan and drought in others, negatively affecting food availability and resources. In this episode, Mazen reviews the impact of climate variability on Sudan and its resources. Recommended literature: The Sudanese Elite and the Addiction to Failure, arab. 2018, PDF on This episode was translated by Zainab Magdy and dubbed to English by Sabreen Taha. Audio editing and mixing: Feras Arrabi Mentoring of podcaster: Sadeq Saudi and Sabreen Taha Proofreading: Sabreen Taha The content of this episode is based on the personal experience and reflections of the producer/presenter and not the team of Aswatona or Yasmin Kollektiv e.v.


Mazen Deng
Sabreen Taha
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