Climate from the Perspective of the Arab Youth

The Arab world suffers from severe environmental problems, that were neglected for many years, but affect us massively in our present and future. In this episode, we captured the voices of young people from different Arabic countries, listened to problems while looking for solutions. Let our voices speak for themselves.\r\n\r\nModeration & Production: Tabarak Al Zubaidi & Munsif Al Mansouri \r\n\r\nInterview partners: Hajar, Saeed Al Saadi, Sharif Tarhini, May, Aseel Eha, Lina Marwan, Sadiq Saudi \r\n\r\nTranslation of the transcript: Layal Iqdam (English), Carlotta Hack (German)\r\n\r\nDubbing Artists: Tabarek Al-Zubaidi, Munsif Al Mansouri, May, Sadeq Suadi, Saeed, Aseel, Jasmine Nameer, Hakam Shakir\r\n\r\nAswatona Podcast was created in the frame of the project “Our Voices”. This project is implemented by Nahostcast e.V. and MitOst e.V. and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.\r\nFind more Information on and


Tabarak Al Zubaidi
Munsif Al Mansouri
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