#1 Climate from the Perspective of the Arab Youth

The Arab world suffers from severe environmental problems, that were neglected for many years, but affect us massively in our present and future. In this episode, we captured the voices of young people from different Arabic countries, listened to problems while looking for solutions. Let our voices speak for themselves.

Munsif Al Mansouri
Tabarak Al Zubaidi

Hajar, Saeed Al Saadi, Sharif Tarhini, May, Asee

Layal Iqdam (English)
Carlotta Hack (German)

Tabarek Al-Zubaidi, Munsif Al Mansouri, May, Sadeq Suadi, Saeed, Aseel, Jasmine Nameer, Hakam Shakir (English)
Jannis Hertel, Tom, Julian Wickert, Hannes Bülow, Jannick Duschka, Cosmo König, Katrin Sarah Schäfer, Tatjana Sopart, Amelie Schillinger (German)

#2 Water Scarcity: Yemen’s Next War

“There is no water.” “Water is heavy”. In this episode, we shed light on the challenges Yemeni citizens face when trying to access scare water resources. To do so, we have an environmental expert as our guest who explains the causes and future scenarios.

Firyal Majdi
Lina Shannak

Dr. Abdulqader Mohammed Al-Kharraz former chairman of Yemen’s Environmental Protection Authority in Yemen

Linna Shannak (Arabic-English)
Cosmo König (English-German)

Salim Sweiss

Firyal Majdi and co

#3 Why your access to food is at risk?

One of the major global challenges of the 21st century is Food Security which threatens to impact the WANA region more than any other region across the globe. In this episode, we explained the issue with the help of experts and activists, while presenting our countries Morocco and Tunisia as primary examples.

Adnane Abderrahmane
Ines Agrebi

Leila Yassine, Sahar Dahbi, Oussema Khalloufi

Ines Agrebi (Arabic –English)
Katrin Sarah Schäfer (English-German)

Adnane Abderrahmane & Ines Agrebi (English)
Katrin Sarah Schäfer, Max Zettelmann, Hannes Bülow, Jannick Duschka, Ramy Essam, Susanne Meinecke, Tatjana Sopart, Stella Landschein (German)

#4 To the Environment, with Love

In this Aswatona podcast episode, Hajar, Sadeq and Layal tackle environmental issues in Morocco, Jordan and Lebanon. They dive deeper into the topic of waste management in the WANA region by celebrating different initiatives which have made an impact in combating solid waste pollution. They also provide tips, personal lifestyle choices and alternatives that can help individuals create change in their own lives and produce less waste.

Hajar Outamamat
Layal Salman
Sadeq Saudi

Ziad AbiChaker, Aalaa Alzhouri, Hajar Oueld Ben Houman, Shady Rabab, Maria Khaled Nissan

Hajar Outamamat & Sadeq Saudi (English-Arabic)
Amelie Schillinger (English – German)

Hajar Outamamat, Sadeq Saudi, Layal Salman (Arabic)
Amelie Schillinger, Max Zettelmann, Katrin Sarah Schäfer, Carlotta Hack, Hannes Bülow, Cosmos König, Linda Frankenthal, Miriam Schwalenberg (German)

#5 “Because I’m a black woman”

The war and the inertia in several parts of the Ivory Coast have caused the migration of young Ivorian Daniela. She settled down in Tunisia.  

Daniela suffers from several daily problems in Tunisia. Society has not accepted her existence because of the color of her skin. She also does not have a stable job.

Olfa Arfaoui
Soulaimane Bakbach

Daniela (pseudonym)

Olfa Arfaoui (Arabic – English) 
Linda Frankenthal (English – German)

Ilham (Nickname), Soulaimane Bakbach, Linda Frankenthal (English) 
Katrin Sarah Schäfer, Linda Frankenthal, Jannick Duschka (German) 

#6 Plan B Pill in the Levant region

My body, my choice is a political claim of women all around the world! But who can choose and what are the options? In this episode we want to shed light on the (missing) availability to the plan B pill in the Levant and some personal stories on its impact.

Carlotta Hack
Julia Neumann

Zaatar (Pseudonym) & Lina (narrated by Julia Neumann)

Sabreen (English – Arabic)
Tatjana Sopart (English – German)

Firyal Majdi, Ines Agrebi, Zaatar (Arabic)
Amelie Schillinger, Stella Landschein, Mim Schneider (German)

#7 Body Narratives (HER)

Women in the WANA region are telling stories of their bodies from a very personal perspective, body ownership and gender dynamics are two main pillars in the stories we are hearing in this episode, leaving you with a question, what is body ownership?

Sadeq Saudi

Raneem AlAfifi & Sama

Sadeq Saudi (Arabic -English)
Katrin Schäfer (English – German)

Sadeq Saudi, May Khalid, Esra Saleh, Sama (English)
Michelle Kolberg, Tom Wolff, Sarah Skibbe, Amelie Schillinger, Stella Landschein (German)