what we offer

The Aswatona scholarship program offers capacity building and an exchange space for podcasters of the WANA region. As a podcast scholar you have special access to an intense workshop program. Our main goal during our workshops is that our participants will be able to get to know each other, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. That’s why we focus on maximum interactivity, variety of methods, and plenty of room for sharing thoughts and ideas. Furthermore, we always work together with local NGOs and activists from the region. Local experts give inputs on topics such as gender and its intersections, audio editing, storytelling, podcast production, data security, and how to give podcast trainings. The workshops are only open to participants who have applied for the Aswatona scholarship program. However, we also offer online workshops on our social media channels. To stay up to date follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Workshops 2024

Our participants are experienced podcasters and experts themselves. Now it’s time to think together how to transfer that knowledge to other people and develop our skills as (future) podcast trainers.
We meet for this workshop offline, visit local actors, and deepen our discussions and practice about how to teach podcasting and apply methodologies.
We focus on the topic of marketing podcast training and reaching out to potential future trainees. Moreover, we’ll take our time to focus on the topic of evaluation.

Workshops 2023

Our participants are experienced podcasters and experts themselves. Hence a big part is the peer-to-peer exchange about the different experiences they have in the field of podcasting and how to take a look at the world through a gender lens.

Gender, Environment & Podcasting II

We met for this workshop in Tunis, visited local actors, and deepened our discussions about the intersections with the topic of gender with a focus on environment.

Workshops 2021

This workshop was basically designed as a first getting to know each other. That’s why we had a lot of space for networking and exchange, but as well further developing of know-how on podcast production and the topic of environment.
The main focus was to have a Bar Camp with peer-to-peer skill sharing and knowledge exchange. Additionally, we had sessions with experts from the WANA region talking about social media campaigns, dubbing, and feminist activism.
By conducting our last workshop in a hybrid format, we were able to include participants who did not get a visa to Tirana, Albania, where the workshop took place. Alongside the input from our experts in the theory of postcolonialism and podcast marketing, a space was provided to exchange with local activists.

You wanna be part of Aswatona?

There are plenty ways to participate in Aswatona! Besides the Aswatona scholarship program, we want to build up a diverse network. Our network building activities aim to bring people together, to learn from and inspire each other, profit from collective interest, knowledge, and energy. In order to realize that, our social media pages serve as platforms for vivid exchange. Please interact! We also offer workshops and trainings on a regular basis, that is open to everyone interested in podcasting and the podcast community. There you can sharpen your skills, get into contact, and prepare for your own podcast project!