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Theme & Focus

From our three-years-experiences of working with talented podcasters from WANA, we learned that podcasting is a growing field in the region but the access to affordable qualified training is still limited. We profit from our Aswatona network full of experienced podcasters who know their region and the needs in the region very well. Therefore, the year 2024 provides a training for podcasters to become podcast trainers! The educational program serves to deepen the skills of didactics and methodologies in order to provide high qualified podcast trainings.
This year we focus on the topic:

"How to teach podcasting?"

In case you need a podcast training for an initiative in the WANA region, for feminist and/or activist groups, contact and we’ll bring you in touch with our big network.


In 2024, we’re thrilled to support our Aswatona network from across West Asia, North Africa, and Germany by providing to the podcast community a Training of Trainers on “How to teach podcasting?”. We had the opportunity to grant scholarships to 15 skilled participants from Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Palestine, Germany, Libya, and Egypt. Each of our scholars brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, united by their shared enthusiasm for podcasts and podcasting. In addition to podcasting, our scholars possess a wide array of interests, skills, and hidden talents. Get to know them better by visiting their profiles here!

What our participants can expect:

As in all our workshops, we aim in 2024 as well to have a safe space where people feel brave and safe to speak with each other. We also want it to be fun, interactive, and vivid for all participants – since we know that especially online workshops can be tiring.

What 2024 brings for our participants:

For this we invited some great experts from the region, for the region, enriching the Aswatona network.

Our 2024-workshops are moderated by this wonderful duo, that opens up a safe and brave space for everyone to express:

For me, facilitating a workshop is:

... all about crafting unique space and fostering a collective experience. It's about building special memories, facilitating learning, and capturing those 'Aha!'-moments.

- Rula

1 Rula

... to create an enchanted exchange; it is a coming together to create connections that will have a long lasting effect on our minds, ears, and hearts. 

- Stella

2 Stella


In 2024, 15 participants sharpen their skills in developing and facilitating podcast workshops. That includes as well special sessions on audio journalism, data security, and podcast production methodologies. Additionally, they are the stars of the new season of our podcast about differences and similarities of podcasting throughout the WANA region – the third season of Aswatona Podcast!

How to teach podcasting I
Online training
Get together
How to teach podcasting II
Offline/hybrid training
How to teach podcasting III
Online training
Closing Event
2 & 3 February
23 April
6 - 10 June
7 & 8 September
18 September

How to teach podcasting II

6 – 10 June

Offline/hybrid training

How to teach podcasting III

8 & 9 September
Online training
As in the years before, the offline workshop in June will be designed hybrid, so that everyone can participate in case participants won’t be able to join on site. Hybrid means that participants can join online. We coordinate the workshop on site in such a way that the online participants are actively involved and learn just as much and have just as much fun as everyone on site.