First Workshop | 2024

First Workshop 2024 – How to teach podcasting I

15 participants, three trainers, two moderators, and Aswatona team members came together for a two-days online workshop to start our program in 2024: The Training of Trainers! We came together with selected participants from the first and second Aswatona batches who want to expand and reflect on their skills as (future) podcast trainers. The idea for the coming year is to learn together in theory and practice how to facilitate interactive online, hybrid and offline trainings around podcasting.
To give you an idea about our program…
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Day 1

To get things started, we began the first day by talking about the different steps of designing a podcast training, drawing on the knowledge that all the participants already brought with them from their experience in the field well as the one of our great facilitation team, Rula Asad and Stella Saliari. We discussed the idea of feedback culture as care that we’re practicing in the Aswatona project. It is a combination of feminist and systemic approaches that aims to make power relations transparent and work with them, with the goal to deconstruct them and design a process together. This feedback practice plays a crucial role for our training program this year, as both of its components profit from it: the workshops and the mentoring program.
first workshop 2024
In the afternoon we started with our first expert, Rand Khdair, who is very experienced in storytelling and is part of the podcast platform Kerning Cultures. Together we worked on the meaning of storytelling for the design and creation of a training structure. The idea is to use the podcaster’s expertise of building up stories to find the narrative/storyline of the trainings’ program. And you might wonder what Feng Shui has to do with this?
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Day 2

After the morning-harvesting of the knowledge acquisition of Day 1, we continued with our second great expert Sadeq Saudi. Sadeq is podcaster and podcast trainer working with Orenda Tribe and sensualized us for the meta-level questions trainers need to clarify for their training, for example the meaning of ice breakers as an essential part of the trainings’ setting. Sadeq’s input was a great combination of practice and theory. Sadeq also introduced their thoughts on detailed written trainings’ scripts, which is part of feeling confident about the trainings’ sequence and progression.
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After lunch we looked at the important issue of how to think about sound design and how to pass on technical knowledge and sound awareness to podcast trainees. The great audio expert Lobna Monieb introduced us to her experience when it comes to joint work on sound production. The basic question: What three sounds would you hear if you thought it was quiet?
first workshop3 2024
After all the great practice, input, and discussion, we had a short outlook on the upcoming podcast production, the training of the participants accompanied by a mentoring program and on the next meetings. These two days were a great kick-off into an exciting year together and we’re looking forward to the coming months with a very motivated Aswatona Crew 2024!
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