Plan B Pill in the Levant region

My body, my choice is a political claim of women all around the world! But who can choose and what are the options? In this episode we want to shed light on the (missing) availability to the plan B pill in the Levant and some personal stories on its impact.\r\n\r\nModeration & Production: Julia Neumann, Carlotta Hack, Sabreen \r\n\r\nInterview Partners: Zaatar (Pseudonym) & Lina (narrated by Julia Neumann)\r\n\r\nTranslation of the transcript: Sabreen (English – Arabic); Tatjana Sopart (English – German)\r\n\r\nDubbing Artists: Firyal Majdi, Ines Agrebi, Zaatar (Arabic), Amelie Schillinger, Stella Landschein, Mim Schneider (German)\r\n\r\nMusic:\r\n\r\nAswatona Podcast was created in the frame of the project “Our Voices”. This project is implemented by Nahostcast e.V. and MitOst e.V. and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. Find more information on or


Julia Neumann
Carlotta Hack
Sabreen Taha
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