Podcast production – a look in stages

Podcast production is a varied process with many steps and people involved – especially when the episodes are published in three languages, as is the case with Aswatona Podcast!

Here you can take a look at the different stages and our great network!

aa picture content creation 2 scaled
aa picture Content creation

Content Creation

As you already know, the content is produced by the participants in our training programs. With their production, we then move on to the next steps:


Translation is a delicate process, that aims to transfer the content and effect of a text from one cultural framework to another. This requires not only the understanding of the subtleties of both languages, but also a precise knowledge of the cultural background, history and – in the case of Aswatona – the many different Arabic dialects! We work with professional translators with many years of experience.


A text wins when it is handed over: A second professional and motivatedly imaginative look at language, content and comprehensibility makes the translated text complete!We work with professional translators with many years of experience.


Transforming text into expression: For this challenging task, we recruit professional speakers and additionally give new voices the opportunity to try their hand at speaking and handling the microphone.

Audio Editing

Bringing over-voice and original sound together, sound design, level adjustment – here we can rely on our great team of professional and multilingual editors!


Nothing works without the audience – and this needs to learn about Aswatona Podcast: For this, our great social media team does an amazing job!