The image of woman in Arabic TV Soaps

This episode discusses the image of women in Arab drama from different points of view and how we can improve the stereotyped image of women in the drama and establish a good mental image of the communication between women and men.\r\n\r\nModeration & Production: Firyal Majdi, Ameer Talat, Nahla Ashraf\r\n\r\nInterview Partners: Huda Jafer, Raneem Alafeefi, Amira Saeed, Mohamed Alaa, Asma Al-Najjar, Hagar Othman\r\n\r\nTranslation of the transcript: Firyal Majdi (English), Linda Frankenthal (German)\r\n\r\nDubbing Artists: Firyal Majdi, Ameer Talat, Ghazwa saeed, Afnan abbadi, Bshayer,\r\n\r\nHajer, Inas, Tabark, Manar, Mohamed Farooq, Ghazwa saeed, (English), Benjamin Stedler, Amelie Schillinger, Michelle Kolberg, Sarah Skibbe, Tija Uhlig, Stella Landschein, Janine von Stülpnagel, Mim Schneider, Tom Wolf (German)\r\n\r\nMovies that have been discussed:\r\n1 - الزوجة 13 (Wife number 13), 1962\r\n2 - أريد حلاً (I want a solution) 1975\r\n3 - وش تاني (Another face), 2015\r\n4 - ولا عزاء للسيدات (No grief for women), 1979\r\n5 - لعبة الموت (Game of death), 2013\r\n6 - أولاد رزق (Rizk’s children), 2019\r\n7 - طلقتك نفسي (I Divorce my self), 2020\r\n8 - عفوا أيها القانون (Excuse me, law), 1985\r\n9 - فيلم 678 (678), 2010\r\n\r\nAswatona Podcast was created in the frame of the project “Our Voices”. This project is implemented by Nahostcast e.V. and MitOst e.V. and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. Find more information on or


Firyal Majdi
Nahla Ashraf
Amir Talat
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