Thoughts on the way

women movement [1] Freedom of movement [1] public spaces [1]

It is true that we live in the era of freedom, however the freedom of many Arab women is still subject to violation. This episode discusses women’s freedom of movement on public transportation and when traveling as well as the racist and harassment experiences and they go through. But is this due to their outer appearance or just because they are women? We will address this question through various experiences that we hear from many Arab countries and Europe. This episode was produced by Linda, Bayan Arouri and Sarra Abdelrahman, and translated by Bisan Samamreh and dubbed to English by Lina Shannak, Esraa Saleh and Hajar Outamamat. Proofreading: Tatjana Sopart Audio editing and mixing: Feras Arrabi Mentoring of podcasters: Tabarek al-Zubaidi. The content of this episode is based on the personal experience and reflections of the producer/presenter and not the team of Aswatona or Yasmin Kollektiv e.v.


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