To the Environment, with Love

In this Aswatona podcast episode, Hajar, Sadeq and Layal tackle environmental issues in Morocco, Jordan and Lebanon. They dive deeper into the topic of waste management in the WANA region by celebrating different initiatives which have made an impact in combating solid waste pollution. They also provide tips, personal lifestyle choices and alternatives that can help individuals create change in their own lives and produce less waste.\r\n\r\nModeration & Production :\r\nHajar Outamamat, Sadeq Saudi, Layal Salman\r\n\r\nInterview partners:\r\nZiad AbiChaker, Aalaa Alzhouri, Hajar Oueld Ben Houman, Shady Rabab, Maria Khaled Nissan\r\n\r\nTranslation of the transcript:\r\nHajar Outamamat & Sadeq Saudi (English-Arabic)\r\nAmelie Schillinger (English - German)\r\n\r\nDubbing Artists:\r\nHajar Outamamat, Sadeq Saudi, Layal Salman (Arabic)\r\nAmelie Schillinger, Max Zettelmann, Katrin Sarah Schäfer, Carlotta Hack, Hannes Bülow, Cosmos König, Linda Frankenthal, Miriam Schwalenberg (German)\r\n\r\nAswatona Podcast was created in the frame of the project “Our Voices”. This project is implemented by Nahostcast e.V. and MitOst e.V. and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. Find more information on or


Hajar Outamamat
Sadeq Saudi
Layal Salman
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