Toxic Masculinity between WANA and West

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We may have lately witnessed a change in the meaning of the phrase a “true” man from an expression of courage and strength to an expression of power and control. But what is the meaning of masculinity? And in your opinion, are men the only ones who practice masculinity on others? In this episode of the Aswatona podcast, Linda addresses these questions and talks to us about the concept of masculinity and toxic masculinity between WANA and the West.

Episode guests: Dr. Nadine Al-Maoushi and writer Jaber Bakr. For further discussion on gender equality and masculinity we recommend Shereen el Feky: Sex and the Citadel: Intimate Life in a Changing Arab World; as well as the UN gender equality report for WANA from 2017: Episode was translated by Bisan Samamreh and dubbed to English by Lina Shannak, Layal Salman and Lukas Auer. Proofreading: Tatjana Sopart Audio editing and mixing: Feras Arrabi Mentoring of podcasters: Sadeq Saudi The content of this episode is based on the personal experience and reflections of the producer/presenter and not the team of Aswatona Theme Music: Feras Arrabi on Guitar and women signing folkloric songs of the region Open Source IG: @feras.arrabi


Lina Shannak
Layal Salman
Lukas Auer
Tatjana Sopart
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