Why your access to food is at risk?

One of the major global challenges of the 21st century is Food Security which threatens to impact the WANA region more than any other region across the globe. In this episode, we explained the issue with the help of experts and activists, while presenting our countries Morocco and Tunisia as primary examples.\r\n\r\nModeration & Production: \r\nAdnane Abderrahmane & Ines Agrebi \r\n\r\nInterview Partners: \r\nLeila Yassine, Sahar Dahbi, Oussema Khalloufi\r\n\r\nTranslation of the transcript: \r\nInes Agrebi (Arabic –English) \r\nKatrin Sarah Schäfer (English-German) \r\n\r\nDubbing Artists: \r\nAdnane Abderrahmane & Ines Agrebi (English) \r\nKatrin Sarah Schäfer, Max Zettelmann, Hannes Bülow, Jannick Duschka, Ramy Essam, Susanne Meinecke, Tatjana Sopart, Stella Landschein (German)\r\n\r\nAswatona Podcast was created in the frame of the project “Our Voices”. This project is implemented by Nahostcast e.V. and MitOst e.V. and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. Find more information on www.nahostcast.de or www.mitost.org.


Ines Agrebi
Adnane Abderrahmane
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